Art Is….

FB_IMG_1451365469955Art is…..

Life. What would existence be if we did not have the textures of the beauty of The many different facets of art to appreciate in to add richness to our life.

The joy of the holding and exhilarating excerpt from someone’s imagination that they birthed into reality for enjoyment.

In a world full of technology and computers and data and numbers and things of the sort we need the balance. To observe the beauty of creation at which reminds us of the Immaculate nature of the creator of which we are all from.

Whether it’s a visual art or you have pastels in oils and Inc and colors and crayons in all of the things of the sort That can turn of plain and ordinary canvas into a tapestry of vivid imagination. Or even the arts that is auditory where we can hear something so motivating and so awe inspiring so provokingThat we received information that gives us a new and enhanced perspective of life that we could not have otherwise been open to.

Art is….


I see art as a common denominator that allows those who are artistic to dig deep within themselves to express something that is universal, To be able to draw up on their own experiences their own life lessons their own joys and pains and hurts and everything in between, To be able to pass it and instill it into whatever artistic medium that they are a practitioner of.

I’ve seen music cross roads, boundaries, and supersede every human man-made line of division that we can think of.

I can almost see art as the fuel in life and if it is so then we will never run out of gas and need roadside assistance u because of how potent and powerful an inspiring piece of work can be and the psychological difference that it can make to keep you going strong.

I believe the arts are sacred due to their creative nature and knowing that all original content comes from the infinite realm of ideas. I agree more and more to believe that in order to be truly authentic original and creative we have to be aware of who we are. When we know that we are children of God and that we were created in His likeness we know that even as God Spoke out into the darkness let there be light and it was so it was his creation And we therefore have The same right to speak out into the atmosphere that which is not already and make it to be so.

I believe that a good artist is a good listener  a good watcher good observer to observe and to hear the needs of the people. To be able to be sensitive to other conversations and the realities that are happening within The lives of the appreciators of the art. Which brings us into the realm of relevant art to be able to tell the stories that matter in a way that can be received.

I also believe that our instinctive artistic nature is something that is related to our perspective how we see things. You can ask a few people what do they see in the graphic above this blog post and they may say that they see trees and land and water, but then you might get a completely different response from someone with a more active imagination and original thought process.

So I dedicate this blog post to the artists continue to paint the world beautiful with your creative contributions

And I will do the same


Hello From The Other Side!



Such a simple yet profound statement of greeting and acknowledgement that can open doors of fellowship and communication.

Yet on top of all of the advantages and the uses of the word hello and the greeting I’m inspired to do this post because of this song.

This song by Adele is simply beautiful because it tells a story that people can relate to.

The story that unfolds through this beautiful song depiction is one of trying to right a wrong that was done in a relationship.

That feeling of having so much to say to a certain someone but yet not being able to get through to communicate to them.

Not as wonderful as it is to be able to greet others and to be able say hello and to be able to fellowship with them.

Now imagine if you were denied that right that privilege that blessing of being able to greet those who you have a desire to communicate to.

Maybe you can relate to that maybe you have an older friend or older relatives somewhere and you want to establish communication with them but you lost their number.

Myself personally as being an artist can resonate with the kind of message that you would deliver through a song like this To a special someone in your life that you have for one reason or the other whether good bad or straight up right evil, Where did not have the access to reach to communicate impact to fellowship to be a part of that person’s life in them apart of yours.

What better way to finally get the message to them of everything that you’ve been wanting to say to them for all of the years than to do it through music?

Music is such a powerful medium and conduit to be able to accurately express the emotions being felt And the intentional message being relayed from the artist to the listener about the story of whatever it was that caused either the pain or the promise.

Maybe you were in a situation doing the best you can and doing the best that you know how based off of what you know currently right then.

Maybe that situation was a good build up or maybe it was a bad fall out in a relationship with someone else.

But then it comes to the point where we come to revisit the situation as a veteran as one was grown and seasoned from experience.

We learn not to lose focus by a wasting mental energy on worrying and wondering if other people who where part of the situation are also growing from experience.

We learn our own lessons from whatever the situation was and despite whether or not the other parties have as well we come back a seasoned veteran Hopefully to make amends to right the wrongs to ask for forgiveness to restore the relationships to come back together and in order to move forward.

So what is the main and essential take away from this time I spent writing this post?

I always want to leave those who find their way to my rants and revelations and who spend the time to read it With a topic with a subject with a morsel of thought to marinate on.

So basically to sum it up and drawback to a bird’s-eye panoramic view of everything said in this post is to…

Show love


Help Yourself First


We need to…

take care of ourselves before we can help take care of others. As the old saying goes, we can’t give away what we don’t have.

I want to dedicate some thoughts towards the process of making sure that we have been built up sufficiently in order to be able to be of help to those around us.


Reminds me of the kid in a childhood favorite movie of mine called “The karate kid”. I forget the name of the young main character, I’ll just call him kevin.


Now as I remember some of the morals of that movie, kevin was a good kid with a good heart and wanted nothing more than to be able to be accepted in his school and be able to focus on his interests.

However, after some time he found himself the target of bully attacks that he was Ill equipped to be able do defend himself even when confronted in front of a girl that had caught his eye.

He finally found himself absolutely fed up and ready to do whatever it takes to be able to go back and reclaim some of his dignity.

As fate would have it, He found himself a Mentor, the well known Mr Miyagi, I’ll just call him Mr M for abbreviation purposes.

Kevin understood that if he wanted to learn something outside of what he already knows, he would have to find someone to help him help himself and that is what Mr was able to do..

But, when you’re in this process, it rarely is handed to you in a clean cut shaped package, Kevin had to earn his stripes by humbling himself to secure his skills by doing seemingly menial and meaningless tasks and chores that apparently had little our nothing to do with the fighting that he came to learn.

Oh Kevin went through a disciplined and strict routine that sharpened his awareness and made him more in tune with his strength as it increased from repetition of resistance.

One of the well known highlights of the karate kid movie is where “Kevin” increase his aptitude for defense by wax on and wax off an old car of Mr M’s that probably needed towing to a shop to get up and running, but it became Kevin’s lil ride to mobilize around with.

Just to have something to go by, maybe necessary to fax information over. Understanding that there is common ground to tell them that help is needed and we are waiting on a breakthrough for justice to be seen.

No consolation, no pity, just the brutal truth to find the health and the light within the system to find the help needed for the sanity and harmony of the union.

To find the healing to take place that can save a soul and set it on fire.

A soul that knows it needs help, will find it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The individual who is tired of getting beat down by life. Where do you turn for the help, for the hope, for the healing that you realize that you need when your own resources are depleted and exhausted, and your reservoirs of self sufficiency have no more fuel to move another inch forward. That point past arguing and complaining.

The point to find safety and stability to be able to represent that in a world that needs to see it..

We need to look inwardly at ourselves, examine the areas that may be keeping us restricted subconsciously, and start seeking the help that we need to fully engage with ourselves, our families, and the world we live in..

Help me help you

There’s A Hero Inside!


Inside of all of us…

Can be found a hero when we look into our hearts and not be afraid of who we are.

So goes the well-known song hero I believe sang by Whitney Houston years ago.

But do not these words resonate as true that there are times when we can even surprise ourselves when we are doing something That surpasses all of our accomplishments and previous things That we exteemed to be great and above our normal realm of operation.

What does the hero mean to you I’m sure we’ve all had childhood memories of those so we looked up to the edges seem to be larger than life.

I remember times growing up when we wake up early on Saturday mornings and we will go rest downstairs to turn on our superhero cartoons. We will flip through the channels back then we didn’t have cable in all of these extra channels that you get When you have satellite service or some other form of dish network we had just basically the basic local channels. Now we weren’t complaining you know he will get down there are mothers make sure that we did our chores is it a night before we had some form of discipline before we where able to get in front of the TV.

But nevertheless I remember those early mornings to where we did everything we needed to do so that we can go downstairs and watch our cartoons and be inspired By the heroic feats of our favorite superheroes.

Not as you’re reading a long as I go through what I hear o means to me and the meanings it has had in my life, I’m eventually going to taking this train on a journey to get to a specific point but I want to take my time to get there.

Know what are the characteristics when we say that a hero the things that are above and out of the realm of that which is normal?

Let’s take the example of Superman for instance Superman is a very well known a childhood as superhero character.

The company behind this well known and endeared is fiction superhero rakes in millions of dollars because of its value.

Because it is understood that anything that can cause a young kid to have a great imagination or to give them hope or do we let them feel like things are going to be ok, then there is value in that.

So I should bring this around to where I reassure you who is reading this post that yes even as we have heroes that we look up to, That there are superheroes inside each and every last one of them if we do the work necessary to uncover them.

How do I know?

Because I have a real life superhero who is very present in my every day and day to day life.

Jesus is my hero..

A hero saves a hero restores a hero gives hope a hero inspires, a hero makes a way out of no way a hero lives in me!

And can be yours too

Crazy is Relative

  1. images-10

Yo what’s going on blog family I’m going to start and preface this blog post by the acknowledgement that I am NOT one with the doctoral accreditations to diagnose, treat, or even understand the extents of the varieties and manifestations of mental illness.

However, when we take this subject and remove it from under the lens of the natural eye and begin to observe it from a spiritual viewpoint, I’ve found that the cases that I have experienced always had a narrative that once discovered, led to the betterment and growth after we Let Go and Let God.

It is when we consume ourselves with the worry with the stress of the anger with the shame with the guilt of our past that we actually can find ourselves crazy.

What a blessing it is to have peace that passes all understanding to guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

I’ve learned in my own life, that I could have a prayer answered, a blessing breakthrough, or just a deeper revelation of the goodness of God, that could result in a outburst of praise, and joy that those not sensitized to A liberated soul and spirit would associate it with the unknown, therefore could call me crazy.

Haha, imagine that,,

Well obviously we understand our identity, and are growing in our sense of who we where created to be so we lose all desire to engage in the act of dissipating our energy towards those who build a bridge into your life just to burn it by biased basis’s.

See a pig and a sheep can fall in the same mud, a pig by default  is more inclined to like it because the mud cools him down and keeps his body temperature from rising, But a sheep can fall in the same mud and it’ll say I don’t belong in this mess and start trying to get out because the sheep is although no more or no less however it is different.

So maybe the pig can go back to its pig village and with all this family pigs and get into conversations about the sheep saying wow, that she doesn’t like mud. Wow says Auntie Bacon we come from a long family of mud lovers and we’ve always love mud our parents love mud and we will for ever and ever continue to do so.

All the while ignorant to the fact that the sheep is acclimated to the environment of Rolling Meadows and strong trees

But then again does it not appear that the family of pigs was basing their judgment of the sheep from what they knew, Defining and categorizing the mindset of the sheep by The narrow limits of their own experiences just because they were not familiar with the lifestyle and the disposition of the sheep.

We live in a culture that over uses the word crazy for a wide variety of different uses. Maybe as a compliment may be an insult maybe its something to describe something fantastic maybe something to describe something weird maybe it’s something that just simply indescribable.

And that’s how it is sometimes when we come into this world we’re born into our families and our family has a set of area of beliefs and views that we are impressed with which forms our concept of reality and how we judge and process the information that we gather from the world around us.

We do have to be mindful that we watch our words when we are speaking something over another one of God’s children made fearfully and wonderfully in his likeness.

And realize that they fear what they do not know, be careful to make sure that those who need professional help and treatment get it, but stand on words that bring life..


What Are the Needs?


What do we really need?

I write this blog post while I’m in the midst of listening to one of my favorite songs by an artist named Big Sean Called nothing is stopping you and this song resonates for me because of the story that it tells Of his pivotal point turning point in his career when his big break came in the form of being signed to Kanye West label After he had spent considerable time practicing and refining his talents while doing radio cyphers at the local radio station.

The story then turns into the turning point in waiting Big Sean actually talks about the life after his big break has happened after his pace picked up Where he displayed a character of humility work when he was able to take time make time to support an up and coming hopeful rapper.

And then he comes around to the common ground that I have with myself which is all the faith that we have is not all the faith that we need, And then the song continues into the dialogue where we talk about the transforming the negative energy into positive energy by being grateful, For the things that we are blessed to have in life our life our health our strength or food or clothing or shelter our family our love ones.

For mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and nineties and uncles and nieces and nephews and friends and loved ones and teams,

The ones that were with us while we were shooting in the gym and now as we’re traveling abroad across continents and states and cities, Reaching for our pinnacle stretching forward on to the finish line that we are saying we cannot wait to run in to.

I didn’t necessarily search for a graphic with a list of what someone believes are the needs that we have as humans, However I can agree with this list as I think about it and contemplating reflect on the fact that in one form of the other at these are definite necessities.

Now as a look on the graphic that I did choose and put up above I see that these are very real but how can you complete a list with very little very different supplemental things one of them being money.

10 bands, 50 bands 100 bands..

Let’s not even discuss it man, let our union and our movements speak for themselves we went to stirring in the pot, instead of sitting on the shelves..

Santa and his elves… Maybe, but I’m the only one to get the job done, don’t mess with my family, I don’t slack when it’s time to attack, we know who deals the cards, and we shuffle with the stack.

Ahhh she’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning, she’s everything above what I could comprehend to want in the first place. She has a role for my legacy I need her.

My princess needs me. She needs the love connection and growth and contribution that she can only get from her father who is ready to bless her with knowledge of herself.

We need each other, our crew making purchases and deposits. Operating business how we live with our people creating opportunities fulfilling the very real NEEDS that are observed, acknowledged, and contemplated in my writings and my expressive blogging exploits here